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Using the Google Assistant with Bose smart products

The Google Assistant lets you control your product using your voice. You can enable voice control of your product at any time using the Bose Music app.

Note: The Google Assistant isn’t available in all languages and countries.

Adding the Google Assistant to your product:

If you have multiple products in your household, we recommend adding the same Google account to each product for a consistent experience throughout your home.

In the Bose Music app, tap the My Bose icon in the top-left corner

Select the product to which you want to add the Google Assistant

Tap the product image in the bottom-right corner

Tap Settings > Voice Assistant and select the Google Assistant

Follow the app instructions to link your Google account

Talking to the Google Assistant

Say, “Hey Google” to wake your product, or touch the action button ○ on your product, then make a request. For example:

  • Hey Google, play some hip-hop
  • Hey Google, do I need an umbrella today?
  • Hey Google, next song
  • Hey Google, set a timer for 10 minutes
  • Hey Google, what’s the weather?

If you have multiple products, control a specific one by saying the name you gave your product in the Bose Music app. For example, if you named your product “Kitchen”, say “Hey Google, play hip-hop in the kitchen”.

To start a music service with a voice request, make sure that you add the service in your Google Home app by going to Settings > Linked Media Accounts. Note: Not all music services can be started by a voice request