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Adjusting noise cancellation levels

Noise cancellation reduces unwanted noise, providing a clearer, more lifelike audio performance. Each time you power on the headphones, noise cancellation is fully enabled at the highest level (10). You can set the default noise cancelling level for power on, using the Bose Music app.

Choose your noise cancelling level based on your listening preferences and environment. As you increase noise cancellation, unwanted outside noise is reduced. As you decrease noise cancellation, you hear more outside sounds.

Default noise cancellation levels

By default, the Noise Control button cycles through three noise cancelling levels: 0 (full awareness), 5 (some awareness), and 10 (full noise cancellation).

Default settingDescription
0Provides full transparency so that you can hear the world around you as if you weren’t wearing headphones
5Blocks most low-frequency noises, like the rumble of a train or the hum of a vacuum cleaner, but still provides some awareness of your surroundings. 
10World-class noise cancellation eliminates virtually all the exterior noise around you. 

To cycle through the default noise cancellation levels, press and release the Noise Control button. Repeat until you hear your preferred level. You can customise the default noise cancelling levels using the Bose Music app and select Settings > Noise Cancellation. You can also use the Bose Music app to access all noise cancellation levels (0–10)

Left earcup showing the Noise Control button

Conversation mode

Conversation mode is a convenient method that simultaneously pauses your audio and gives you full awareness. This allows you to have a quick conversation with someone or immediately be aware of your surroundings.

Turn on conversation mode

Press and hold the Noise Control button for one second.

Left earcup showing the Noise Control button

Turn off conversation mode

Press any button or double tap or swipe the touch surface. The headphones return to the previous noise cancelling level and resume playing audio.

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