Caring for your Bose® product

It's important to clean your headset, the StayHear® tip and the fine mesh screen under the tip. This helps to ensure the best performance. Even a small amount of debris can cause the sound to fade or cut out altogether.

  • To clean the headset, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface carefully. Do not use liquids or sprays.
  • To clean the tip, gently peel it from the end of the earpiece. Wash the tip with mild soap and rinse it. Dry the tip using a soft cloth. Be sure the tip is dry inside before reattaching so water does not get into the headset.
  • To clean the wire mesh under the tip, gently peel the tip from the end of the earpiece. Lightly brush the mesh screen with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid pressing on the mesh, which could push debris through the mesh and into the headset.

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