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Checking the battery

Each time you power on your speaker, the battery indicator displays the battery charge level for two seconds and, if enabled, a voice prompt announces the battery charge level.

To check the speaker's battery charge level, press and hold the Power button. The power LED shows the charge level:


  • Green: Medium to full charge or, when plugged in, fully charged
  • Amber: Low charge
  • Amber (flashing): Plugged in and charging
  • Red: Charge needed/low charge

Typical battery life is about 8 hours at a moderate listening level. Louder listening levels require more power and will drain the battery faster. To extend the battery playback time, reduce the volume.

Battery protection mode

The battery protection mode is designed to preserve battery power. The speaker will enter battery protection mode when:

  • 3 days of inactivity occurs with a remaining charge of less than 10%
  • Battery drops to 0%
  • 24 days of inactivity occurs at any charge level

To reactivate the speaker, just connect it to power. Do not store the speaker for extended periods when the battery indicator blinks red. When not in use, store the speaker in a cool place. Do not store a fully charged speaker for long periods of time.

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