Connecting a TV

Applies to:

  • Bose® Solo 15 Series II TV sound system

Choose your connection

Check the audio outputs on your TV and choose the type of connection you want to make from the available connections:

Analogue stereo audio—A connection that consists of a left (white) and a right (red) channel

Digital optical audio—A connection that passes digital data in the form of pulsating light through a fibre optic cable

Digital coaxial audio—A digital audio connection that passes digital data through a 75-ohm coaxial cable

Connect your TV

To connect the TV to your system, follow these steps:

On your TV, insert one end of the selected audio cable into the TV's corresponding audio output jack

Note: If using an optical cable, make sure the cable's protective plastic connector caps have been removed before connecting

On the Bose® system, insert the other end of the audio cable into the corresponding input jack

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