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Connecting to your system

Applies to:

The S1 Pro system can accommodate musicians, DJs and general PA use. Use the following information to connect to your S1 system:

Making connections

Inputs 1 and 2

Set the ToneMatch switch according to the connected source:

  • Choose the middle position when connecting an acoustic guitar
  • Choose the right position when connecting a microphone for voice
  • Choose the left/OFF position when connecting a source other than a vocal microphone or acoustic guitar

Connect the source using a 1/4" or XLR cable

Note: The Input jack is a mono combination jack that accepts 1/4" TS or XLR plugs. If connecting a stereo source to either Input 1 or Input 2, a stereo to mono adapter is needed. If connecting a mixer, use its mono output (if applicable) or set the mixer's pan controls all the way to the left

If the source device has a volume control, adjust it to the desired level

Adjust the system's VOLUME control knob to the desired level

Adjust the BASS, TREBLE and REVERB knobs to the desired levels. Set these knobs to the centre for a neutral setting

SIGNAL indicator lights:
Green = Signal present
Red = Signal clipping
Off = No or low signal present

Input 3

Connect either a wireless Bluetooth device or a wired audio device

Note: The aux jack and Bluetooth cannot be used simultaneously. When the aux jack is connected, Bluetooth is disabled:

  • Connect wired stereo audio devices to the system's stereo 3.5 mm aux jack
  • For information on connecting a Bluetooth device, see Pairing a Bluetooth device

Set the device's volume level to about 90%

Set the Input 3 volume level on the Bose system to the desired level

Note: The device and the Bose volume controls affect the device's volume heard from the Bose system. For best results, set the device volume to about 90%, then use the Bose volume control for the desired volume.

Connecting additional speakers

Use the LINE OUT jack to connect to the aux input of another S1 Pro system or powered speaker.

Note: The LINE OUT signal is post mix and mono.

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