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Controlling the volume

The volume control ring on the control pod is the master volume control for any audio coming from your computer or a device connected to the input jack. Rotate the ring clockwise to increase the volume or anticlockwise to decrease it.

To set the volume level

To properly set the volume level, you need to adjust both the volume level of the source (your PC or a connected source) and the Companion® system:

  • Set the Companion® system volume to minimum
  • Set the source volume near maximum
  • Start playing music
  • Slowly increase the volume on the Companion® system control pod until the sound reaches a comfortable level

To mute the system

Touch the top centre of the control pod once to mute your system. The LED indicator will glow yellow. Touch it again to unmute. The LED indicator will glow green

Note: The system output may be reduced by an internal protection feature if you play music at full volume for a long period of time.

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