Enabling standby (low power) mode

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You can enable standby (low power) mode by deactivating Wi-Fi, clearing the Bluetooth® pairing list and disconnecting the Ethernet cable. Deactivating Wi-Fi and removing the Ethernet cable will prevent the soundbar from connecting to your network, as well as preventing the system from being controlled by the Bose Music app until Wi-Fi is re-enabled or the Ethernet cable is reconnected.

Note: Prior to deactivating networks or entering standby mode, use the microphone on/off button to ensure the microphone is turned on (the red indicator light will be off).

Wi-Fi: Deactivate by pressing and holding the Bose Music and Skip forward buttons on the remote simultaneously. Repeat to activate

Bluetooth: Deactivate by clearing the pairing list. To deactivate, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the remote for 10 seconds. Activate by pairing with a Bluetooth source

Ethernet: Deactivate by removing the Ethernet cable. Reactivate by inserting the Ethernet cable

Within 2.5 hours of deactivating the networks, the soundbar will enter standby mode

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