Sleepbuds charging lights

Open the charging case

The battery powered charging case stores and charges your sleepbuds while you’re not using them. With the Bose logo facing you, slide the lid of the charging case away from you to open.

Lights on the inside rim of the case glow to show the current battery level and charging status of the case and sleepbuds.

Sleepbud charging lights

The charging lights for the sleepbuds are located on the inside rim of the charging case.

Slowly pulsing whiteCharging
Solid whiteFully charged

Checking the case battery level

The case battery lights are as follows:

• ○ ○ ○ ○0% – 20%
• • ○ ○ ○20% – 40%
• • • ○ ○40% – 60%
• • • • ○60% – 80%
• • • • •80% – 100%

While charging, the last lit battery light blinks white. When the charging case if fully charged, all battery lights glow solid white.

If the case isn't connected to power, the lights turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity.

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