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Making or answering phone calls with BLUETOOTH

Before making or taking a call, make sure that the headset is paired to the phone. See Pairing a BLUETOOTH enabled device. Use the table below to match the action with the corresponding BLUETOOTH function button action:

Bluetooth function button

To make a call:
Dial from your connected phone. The call will automatically transfer to the headset.


To activate voice control (if available):
When there are no active or incoming calls, briefly press the BLUETOOTH function button.


To answer a call:
Briefly press the BLUETOOTH function button. You should hear a short beep in the headset before you hear the incoming call.


To end a call:
Briefly press the BLUETOOTH function button. You should hear two short beeps in the headset to indicate that the call has ended.


To ignore an incoming call:
Press the BLUETOOTH function button for one second.


To redial the last number:
When there are no active or incoming calls, press the BLUETOOTH function button twice quickly.


To transfer the audio to a mobile phone:
When you are on a call, press the BLUETOOTH function button for three to four seconds. This transfers the audio to the mobile phone handset while the BLUETOOTH connection remains active.

If you are on a call and unplugged from the intercom, the headset will allow you to complete your call, then it will turn off approximately three minutes after the call is terminated. To use the headset when unplugged from the intercom (to listen to secondary audio sources or to make or receive calls), we recommend disabling the auto-off feature for uninterrupted functionality. See Setting the control module operation switches for help.

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