No audio from a connected device

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If you're not getting audio from a connected device:

Make sure that the device volume is turned up

Try a different audio device (i.e. instrument, microphone or playback device). If the other device works fine, the problem is with the device

A condenser microphone will not work if connected directly to the speaker. Instead, connect the condenser microphone to a suitable power source before connecting it to the speaker

If the audio device has multiple outputs—like a multi output mixer—try a different output

Inputs 1 and 2 are mono

  • To connect a stereo device, use a stereo to mono adapter. Otherwise, audio from one of the two stereo channels will not be heard
  • If the device has pan controls, set them all the way to the "Left"

Try connecting the audio device with different cables

If available, connect the audio device to a different powered speaker to determine whether the issue is with the device or the speaker

Reboot the speaker by disconnecting its power cable for 30 seconds

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