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No sound from connected device

If you don't hear sound from a device connected to your Bose system, try the following:

Check to see if the problem occurs with external sources only. Try playing an FM radio station. If the problem occurs with the radio, see No sound from internal source

If it's a problem with a connected source, check to see that the correct source is selected. The wrong source may be selected. For example, an external device may be connected to input 1, but a source other than input 1 may be selected

Be sure nothing is connected to the headphone jack. The speakers are automatically muted when headphones (or any cable with a 0.32 cm stereo plug) are connected to the system

Verify that the connected source is powered on

Reseat the connected audio cable at both ends. Ensure that the audio cable (optical, analogue and/or HDMI™) is fully connected at the source and at the back of the control console

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