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Optional battery use

You can purchase a battery to add portability to your SoundLink® Air system. Contact your local authorised Bose® dealer or visit for assistance. To contact Bose® by phone, refer to the contact list in the Quick Start Guide. To install the battery, follow the instructions included with the battery.

WARNING: Only use a genuine battery from Bose® or an authorised Bose® dealer. Bose® cannot warrant the safety and compatibility or assure the operability of batteries from other manufacturers for use in operating the SoundLink® Air digital music system.

Battery status indicator

The battery status indicator on the front panel tells you when you need to charge the battery. If the indicator is flashing red, you have 20% or less of a full charge remaining. This indicates that charging is needed.

A fully charged battery provides approximately three hours of use if the SoundLink® Air system is set to maximum volume. However, the rate of battery discharge varies with the type of music played and the volume setting. You can extend the battery operating time significantly by lowering the volume.

Manual battery check

The battery indicator is normally off to conserve battery power. To check the charge level, press and hold the POWER button and check the colour of the battery indicator.


  • Green: 70% or more of a full charge
  • Yellow: 20% to 70% of a full charge
  • Flashing Red: 20% or less (charging needed)

Note: The battery should be replaced if the battery status indicator remains yellow after 10 hours of charging or the amount of time you can operate on battery power decreases significantly.

Battery protection mode

If the battery is not being charged and the SoundLink® Air system is unused for more than 14 days, it enters battery protection mode to preserve battery power. To reactivate your SoundLink® Air system, connect the power supply to the system and charge the battery.

Charging the battery

To charge the battery, insert the DC power cable on the power supply into the DC POWER jack located on the back of the SoundLink® Air system and then plug the power supply into a live AC outlet. Recommended charging time is 10 hours. The battery indicator will remain amber while the battery is charging, and turn off when the battery is fully charged.

CAUTION: The battery needs to be fully charged before using the Wi-Fi® setup application or performing a system update when running on battery power. These functions will fail if the battery has insufficient power. Note: After 30 minutes of no activity when on battery power, the system automatically switches to standby and does not maintain a Wi-Fi® connection. Press any system button to turn power on again.

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