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Setting parental controls

The parental control feature of the system allows you to restrict access to DVD movies according to their ratings.

To set the parental control, follow these steps:

Turn the TV on and select the correct TV input.

On the remote, press settings.

Press the tune down arrow until "system setup" is highlighted, and press ENTER.

Press the Tune down arrow until "DVD SETUP" is highlighted, and press ENTER.

Press the Tune down arrow until "PARENTAL CONTROL SETUP" is highlighted, and press ENTER.

On the remote, use the presets (1–9) buttons to enter your four-digit password.

If a password has not yet been created, one will need to be created. Enter a 4-digit password, and enter the same number again to confirm it

If a password has already been created, enter your password

The following options will appear:

Restrict Unrated Titles



Prevents viewing of unrated titles when password is set.

Allows unrated titles to play.

Change Password----Lists options for how to create a new password or to change a current password. Passwords cannot be deleted.
Allowed Ratings1-8Blocks access to DVDs rated higher than the limit. Rating 8 means no restriction. See the MPAA ratings table below.

Scroll up and down the list using the tune arrows, and change the value of the highlighted line using with the seek arrows.

To change your password, highlight "change password" and press ENTER. Follow the onscreen instructions.

 Press Settings to leave the settings menu.

Parental control settingMPAA ratingAudience restriction
8 None
7NC-17Adult audiences
6RMature audiences
5 Mature teenage audiences
4PG-13Teenage audiences
3PGMature young audiences
2 Most audiences

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