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Setting up the Bluetooth® audio adapter

Applies to:

  • Bluetooth® audio adapter

Follow this guide to set up your Bose® Bluetooth® Audio Adapter:

On the playback device that the adapter will connect to, locate an available analogue or digital optical input

Connect an analogue or optical cable from the Bluetooth adapter's analogue or digital output to the playback device's corresponding input.

If using an analogue connection, a 3.5 mm-to-RCA adapter is provided and can be used in conjunction with the provided 3.5 mm cable to connect to playback devices that only have RCA inputs

If using an optical connection, be sure to remove the cable's protective caps before attempting to connect it

Connect the adapter to the power using the provided USB power supply

Press the Bluetooth button on the adapter to put it in discoverable mode. The Bluetooth indicator begins flashing blue to confirm.

When the adapter is connected to the power for the first time, it will automatically begin flashing blue to indicate it is in discoverable mode

On the Bluetooth source device, enable Bluetooth

In the device's Bluetooth settings, select "Add a new device" or "Search for devices" and wait for the device to search

From the list of detected devices, select "Bose Bluetooth Audio Adapter" to pair the device to the adapter

Turn on the playback device and begin playing music on its Bluetooth source

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