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Unable to connect to mobile device

If your Frames are unable to connect to your mobile device, please try the following:

  • Move your device closer to the Frames. The mobile device must be within 9 m (30 ft) of the Frames
  • Move the Frames away from any possible interference or obstructions, such as a router or microwave
  • On your device, turn Bluetooth® off and then on. Turning Bluetooth off and on forces the device and Bose product to re-pair or reconnect
  • Try deleting the Frames from the Bluetooth list on your mobile device and connect again
  • Clear the Frames device list and try connecting again
  • Try connecting to a different mobile device.
  • Turn off any other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Bose product may be connecting to another previously paired Bluetooth device. To ensure this does not happen, turn off any other Bluetooth-enabled devices that you do not wish to connect to that are within range of the Bose product

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