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Understanding system indicator light colours

There are three system modes, identified by the colour of the mode indicator light on the control pod:

Muted (amber): the speakers are silenced. You hear no audio from the computer or any connected source. This mode is automatically selected when you connect headphones to the control pod. Touch the top centre of the control pod to unmute the system. The companion® 5 multimedia speaker system does not have an AC power switch

Active (green): you hear the active sound source from the system speakers. The position of the volume control ring sets the volume level

Standby (red): the system is in an energy-saving mode. When both the USB connection from your computer and the input signal of a connected audio source are inactive for several minutes, the system mutes the speakers and switches to standby. The system turns on in standby mode when you plug in the power cable

Touch the top centre of the control pod to switch between the muted and active mode, except when headphones are connected. Plugging in headphones always puts the system into muted mode until they are removed.

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