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Understanding the LED status indicator

Applies to:

  • Bluetooth® audio adapter

The following chart explains the system status shown by the adapter's LED indicator:

System LED status indicators

Blinking blue:
discoverable and ready to pair or reconnect with a device

Blinking white:
attempting to connect to a paired device

Solid white:
connected to a paired device

Slow blinking white:
performing system updates

Solid blue:
network standby (ready to pair or reconnect with a device)

Two white blinks:
paired device list removed


  • When power is applied for the first time or if the adapter's paired device list has been cleared, the LED will blink blue when power is connected
  • When power is applied and the paired device list is not empty, the LED will blink white for up to 1 minute while attempting to connect to known devices. After, it will blink blue for 3 minutes before entering standby

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