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Updating the system software (video included)

Software updates sometimes become available to improve the performance of your system. To update your software, follow these steps:

make sure your soundlink® air system is connected to your wi-fi® network and that there is an internet connection. the wi-fi® indicator on the front panel should be solid blue

Wi-Fi® indicator

on the remote, press and hold mute for 10 seconds while watching the wi-fi® indicator


if the wi-fi indicator double-blinks green twice, you can release the mute button: the system software is up-to-date and the system returns to the previous operating mode


if the wi-fi indicator starts quickly blinking green, release the mute button: a software update is necessary and the software starts downloading. the wi-fi® indicator continues blinking until the download is finished. while the software update is being installed, the wi-fi® indicator glows solid green for three seconds followed by a double blink. this pattern repeats until the installation is finished. at the end of the installation, the system emits a tone and automatically restarts. after restart, the system will automatically connect to your wi-fi® network again

note: a software update can take a few minutes to install.


CAUTION: Do not remove power from the SoundLink® Air system while updating the system software.

Note: If the Wi-Fi® indicator starts blinking red, a system error has occurred. Contact Bose® Customer Service for assistance.

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