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Using the IR emitter

Your media centre houses transmitters on its front panel that work with your Lifestyle® system remote to control other audio/video devices connected to your system. If the media centre does not have a direct line of sight to these devices, you will need to use the IR emitter included with your system. To use the IR emitter, follow these steps:

Insert the IR emitter plug into the IR Emitter jack located on the back of the media centre connection panel

Place the flat side of IR emitter directly in front of the sensor on the device you want to control

Please refer to your owner's guide to find out where the sensor is on your connected device.

Turn on the TV and select the correct input

To display the Lifestyle® system menu on the TV, on the remote press SYSTEM. The message "SYSTEM/ SEE TV" will appear on the media centre display

On the remote, press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight the "REMOTE" icon, and then press ENTER

Move the highlight down to select the type of device (TV, CBL-SAT, Aux or VCR) and then press ENTER. The highlight will shift to the right

Using the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW, find and select the brand of the device from the list provided, then press ENTER

Press the DOWN ARROW to highlight "DEVICE CODE:" and press ENTER. The highlight will shift to the right

Select the first code in the list

Press ON/OFF located under the source button. For example, if you are programming your TV, then you would press ON/OFF under the button labelled TV

If the device turns off, you have chosen the correct code

If the device does not turn off, select the next code and press the source On/Off again

Continue selecting codes until you find one that works.

Adding more IR emitters

To control additional audio/video devices that are out of direct sight of the media centre, you will need to order more IR emitters. You may use a total of three IR emitters to control devices connected to your media centre. The available IR emitters have piggyback connectors that allow them to plug into each other. Use up to two of these, along with the original emitter included with the system.

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