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Using your remote to control connected audio/video devices

In addition to controlling your Lifestyle® system, you can program the remote to control most brands of connected devices—such as TVs, cable and satellite boxes, VCRS and DVRS. After you make the proper menu selections for each device you want to control, the Lifestyle® system remote serves as a universal remote for most of that device's operations.

Although your Lifestyle® system remote control operates on a radio frequency, the system sends out IR signals from the front of the media centre to each connected device. The signals from the media centre must reach the device you want to control.

You may want to use the included IR emitter cable to make the media centre's IR signals "VISIBLE" to a connected device that is in an enclosed cabinet or otherwise not in "LINE OF SIGHT" of the media centre. To ensure success, try positioning the end of the IR emitter cable (included with your system) in front of the device as you use the Lifestyle® system remote to test turning it on and off. If you have not yet installed the emitter, see using IR emitters.

The following section instructs you on how to set up the remote to work with your TV. After you program your TV, follow the same steps to program your remaining connected devices. Your Lifestyle® system works with many different types of TVs, from standard definition to digital high-definition TV (HDTV). This section shows you how to set up your Lifestyle® system remote control to work with your particular brand of TV.

Setting up the Lifestyle® remote to control the TV

Turn on the TV

On the Lifestyle® remote, press TV

To display the Lifestyle® system menu on the TV, press SYSTEM. The message "system: see TV" will appear on the media centre display. Use the remote supplied with the TV to select the video input that allows you to see the Lifestyle® system menu

On the Lifestyle® remote, press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight the "REMOTE CONTROL" icon then press ENTER

Press the DOWN ARROW to highlight "TV BRAND" then press ENTER. The highlight will shift to the right

Using the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW on the remote, find and select the brand of your TV from the list provided, then press ENTER

Move down to "TV CODE:" and press ENTER. The highlight will shift to the right

Select the first TV code in the list

Press (TV) ON/OFF

If the TV turns off, you have chosen the correct code

If the TV does not turn off, select the next code and press (TV) ON/OFF again. Continue selecting codes until you find one that works

Press EXIT to leave the system menu

Follow these same steps to program other connected devices that you are using with your Lifestyle® system.

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