Using your System menu

Using the System menu, the following system settings can be adjusted as needed.


Note: Listening to an audio source while you make audio adjustments can be useful in fine-tuning your selections.

Bass compensation: low-frequency reproduction, default is set to normal (0), can vary from -9 to +14

Treble compensation: high-frequency reproduction, default is set to normal (0), can vary from -9 to +14


Audio processing: "Automatic" can be changed to "User adjustable," which allows additional options in the settings list

Input levels: analogue or digital input from TV, VCR, CBL-SAT, or Aux, default is set to normal (0), can vary from -6 to +6. Allows you to set your device volume levels to be balanced with internal source volumes

ADAPTiQ®: Bose® technology that customises sound to your room. Requires supplied headset

Expansion protocol: not for use unless it is indicated by a Bose technician. Only used with legacy Bose products

CBL-SAT/DVD audio: can be set for TV stereo instead of 5.1 reproduction

DVD audio priority: select the audio input priority for your DVD source

CBL-SAT audio priority: Select the audio input priority for your CBL-SAT source


TV power: the media console can turn your TV on automatically whenever you select a video source

TV power status: the TV sensor can be detected if your TV is ON or OFF. Position it behind your TV until "NOT DETECTED" changes to "TV ON"

Widescreen TV: tells the media console if you have a widescreen TV

TV video format: allows you to set the video format for a US or European TV

Video black level: the intensity of black on screen can be darkened

Video resolution: set the resolution of incoming video signals as adjustable or fixed

Persistent video: determines if video from DVD, CBL·SAT, VCR or Aux remains on screen when you switch to an audio source

Settings on TV: controls where the settings menu is displayed

Media Centre

Display brightness: adjusts the brightness level of the display panel

Display language: can change from English to one of eight other languages

Coaxial source: assigns the coaxial digital connection to one source

Tuner spacing: can change from one standard station spacing for AM and FM to a different regional standard

Restore settings: Reverts all your settings back to the factory defaults

Remote Control

TV brand and code plus device, brand, and code for CBL· SAT, VCR and Aux: the choices you make here allow the remote to control each device

TV control: determines which video source is displayed and controlled when TV is selected

Remote version: describes your type of remote control. The functionality of these buttons can be changed

IR control: allows some IR remote controls to operate the system


Select "Setup" to access common setup options

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