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Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Sold from 2018 – 2023

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Recommended router settings for use with Bose Wi-Fi products

Router configurations can restrict network traffic, which can cause network or app communication issues. If you experience network issues, try these settings for the best performance with your Bose product.

In the router settings menu, look for and adjust the following settings as noted:

Note: Before making any changes to the configuration of your router, note the current settings in case you need to revert changes that are unsuccessful. 

Recommended router settings for Bose product compatibility

  1. UPnP: Enable
  2. Multicast: Enable
  3. IGMP: Enable
  4. Wireless Isolation: Disable
  5. IGMP Proxy: Disable
  6. IGMP Snooping: Disable
  7. Wi-Fi Radio or Radio Mode: Mixed or B/G/N
  8. Stealth mode: Disable
  9. MAC Filtering/Access Control: Disable, or add the Bose system MAC address to allowed devices list
  10. WPS: Disable
  11. WAN IP Blocking: Disable

Recommended router settings for Bose product performance

  1. Wireless channel: Fixed (select a specific channel); Auto-Channel selection is not recommended

    Standard Wi-Fi uses 11 channels. Selecting the best channel might require trial and error. Choose channel 1 or 11 and observe the system to see if performance improves. If it does not, try the other channels until performance does improve
  2. Security type: WPA-2(PSK) with AES Encryption

    Some routers offer a mixed security mode of WPA (TKIP)/WPA-2 (AES) for compatibility with older products. Choose WPA-2 only if no networked devices depend on WPA or mixed mode. If unsure whether or not other networked devices will be affected, note the current security setting, switch to WPA-2 and try all other networked devices. If necessary, return to the previous security setting
  3. WMM: Disable

    This setting is intended to optimize streaming services but typically gives priority to voice or video streaming, which can negatively impact audio streaming or reserve bandwidth for voice or video devices even if they are off. Although disabling WMM is recommended, on some routers, enabling WMM improves performance. If WMM is disabled on the router and issues are experienced with your Bose product, enable WMM and check for improvement

  4. Dual-Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) SSID: Name both differently.

    With routers that broadcast more than one network, give the networks distinct names. If your networks have the same name, products on the networks might not know the difference with the identical names. This can cause them to intermittently disconnect and reconnect while trying to switch between networks. To prevent this, for example, if the router offers a 2.4 GHz network and a 5 GHz network, name one "MyNetwork2.4" and name the other "MyNetwork5.0."
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