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Setting AV sync

When you're watching a DVD or other digital video sources, you may occasionally notice the audio doesn't match the video and the sound is delayed. For instance, you may see a person's lips move and not immediately hear dialogue. That's because processing a video image can, at times, take longer than processing the audio signal. This is called latency, and the AV sync feature is designed to correct for it.

Note: This is a global setting and will affect all sources.

To adjust the AV sync feature, follow these steps:

Turn the TV on and select the TV video input that connects to the Lifestyle® system

On the remote, press MORE

Press the RIGHT arrow to highlight the "OPTIONS" icon, and press OK to confirm

Press the UP arrow or DOWN arrow to highlight "AV Sync"

Press the LEFT arrow or right arrow to adjust the audio delay to synchronise audio with the video from –2 to +5

Press EXIT to leave the menu

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