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Setting up the speaker

Before you begin

  • Place your mobile device within range of the speaker, 10 m (33 feet). Moving your mobile device farther away affects sound quality, and it may disconnect from the speaker
  • Place the speaker's back near but not directly against a wall. Bass response decreases as the speaker is moved away from a wall
  • Stand the speaker on its base. Standing the speaker on any other side may cause damage to the speaker and affect sound quality
  • Do not place the speaker on wet or dirty surfaces
  • To avoid wireless interference, keep other wireless equipment away from the speaker. Also, do not place the speaker and your mobile device inside metal cabinets or near other audio/video components


Place the speaker on top of the cradle and align the pin connectors. Do not force the speaker into the cradle as it may cause damage. Make sure to use the charging cradle that was delivered with your speaker. This speaker is not compatible with the original SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker's charging cradle

Before using the speaker, connect it to AC (mains) power and charge the battery. To do so:

i. Insert the power cable into the USB connector on the charging cradle or speaker
ii. Insert the other end of the power cable into the power supply
iii. Plug the power supply into a live AC (mains) outlet. The battery indicator blinks amber and the speaker emits a tone

Press POWER to turn the speaker on. The Bluetooth® indicator blinks blue

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