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Refurbished electronics:

6 reasons to make the purchase

So you’ve decided to invest in a high-quality pair of earphones and are looking to get the most bang for your buck, especially since they can run into the hundreds of dollars. Increasingly, consumers are turning to refurbished electronics, which combine that high-quality sound with a lower price point. Refurbished Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds, for example, sell for about $150 less than brand-new ones, while losing none of the performance.

Refurbished products offer other benefits too. But before making the investment, it’s important to understand what a refurbished product is and is not so that you can make the best choice for you, whether it’s Bluetooth speakers, headphones or a soundbar.

What is a refurbished product?

A refurbished product is an item that has previously been purchased and returned for a variety of reasons. The item is thoroughly checked, repaired (if necessary), cleaned and repackaged to like-new condition. At Bose, the teams inspect, test and service each returned item to ensure it meets Bose’s standards for product and sound quality.

6 reasons to buy a refurbished product

Are refurbished electronics worth it? Here are six key reasons why you might decide to buy a Bose Certified Refurbished product instead of a new product.

1. Cost savings

Although all Bose-Certified Refurbished products come in new packaging with all of the accessories, charging cables (where applicable) and software as a new product, they are also available at a lower price. All refurbished products have Free 1–2 working/business day delivery too, which can save additional money.

2. As good as new

Because each Bose-Certified Refurbished product is rigorously tested for function and sound quality, it will deliver the same premium levels of performance and crisp, clear sound as a new product. Every refurbished product is also thoroughly cleaned, both internally and externally, and if any repairs are needed (to the zinc-air battery, cables, carrying case or some other component), they are serviced with authentic Bose replacement parts.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 – Refurbished, audio cable, USB-C charging cable and Carrying case

3. All accessories included

Each Bose-Certified Refurbished product includes all of the accessories that would accompany a new product—a feature not always available with refurbished products sold by third parties. For example, all refurbished Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds come with the earbuds themselves; a charging case and USB cable; silicone eartips in three sizes (small, medium and large); up-to-date software; a quick-start guide; and a safety sheet.

4. 1-year warranty

When you purchase a refurbished product directly from Bose, it comes with a 1-year warranty, the same as a new one. This sets Bose-Certified Refurbished products apart from typical pre-owned or second-hand products, which often come with no warranty, just a roll of the dice.

SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II – Refurbished and Bose Sport Earbuds – Refurbished

5. Free product support

Each Bose-Certified Refurbished product comes with access to a Bose Product Expert. Whether you have questions about setting up your earbuds, soundbar or portable speaker for the first time, troubleshooting a problem, connecting to the Bose apps or anything else, you can get the same support you would with a new product.

6. Reduced carbon footprint

Buying refurbished products is more environmentally sustainable than buying them new because it does not require the same sourcing or delivery of components, materials or packaging. In fact, half of the carbon emissions in the digital sector come during the production of devices. Purchasing a refurbished product saves a good portion of that.

Smart product, smart decision

For some, purchasing a refurbished product may be a step into a new arena, and it’s smart and natural to be wary and ask, “Are refurbished electronics worth it”? It’s important to recognise that a refurbished product is not the same as a second-hand one and comes with all the perks a new product would. The only difference you may personally feel is the extra cash in your wallet.

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